Halloween Party Tips & Games September 20 2013, 0 Comments


1. Invitations

Invitations are the first impression and set the tone for your party. Pick an invitation that represents the type of party your guests should expect. Start your party on a high-note with unique invitations, like these adorable Halloween invitations below.

2. Know your audience

The overall tone and decor of your Halloween party should be determined by the age of your partygoers. If you’re throwing a party for kids makes sure that it won’t scare them. If you’re throwing a party for adults make sure it won’t bore them.

3. Decorate

Now that you know your audience, it’s time to get decorating! You don’t have to spend a fortune, a few bags of fake spider webs, pumpkins and festive food can go a long way! You can even have your little ones help by hanging the spider webs, carving pumpkins or crafting ghosts and bats!

Photographs via HGTV Halloween

4. Food

Food is arguably the biggest part of a party. To make it a spooktacular display, turn ordinary party staples into spooky treats. For example, turn deviled eggs into bloodshot eyeballs with olives and tabasco sauce. Also, add gummy worms to green jello cups.

Photograph via The Gourmet Momma

Make sure you offer healthy options as well like these ghost bananas and pumpkin mandarin oranges.

Photograph via Raising Healthy Kids

Photograph via Raising Healthy Kids

5. Music

In addition to decorations music helps set the ambience for your Halloween party. Purchase a CD at the store or on iTunes. Also, Pandora offers a Halloween party station, that is free! Play the music throughout your party for a scary and fun ambience.

6. Make for easy cleanup

After putting up decorations and prepping food give yourself a break and opt for paper plates, napkins and cups. These items not only allow for easy cleanup at the end of the night, they also add color and interest to your décor. Shop our paper options by clicking here.

7. Play games

Games are a great way to keep your party lively and entertaining. Here are a few ideas depending on your audience.


  • Halloween Feel Box: Place textured items in a solid box and cut a hole just large enough for kids to reach in. Use cooked spaghetti noodles and label “Brains” or use peeled grapes and label “Eyeballs”. The kids will love it!
  • Guess How Many: Place candies in a jar and have the kids each guess how many they think are. Get different size pumpkins and have the kids guess how many pounds each pumpkin is.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Setup a scavenger hunt for all the kids to work together and solve. They will have a blast racing around the house trying to find their next spooky clue.  Place the clues in fun places like inside one of your carved pumpkins or the fake spider webs you have on the porch.
  • Cupcake Decorating: Just as it sounds! Bake up some cupcakes and have multiple color frostings, sprinkles and candies for the kids to decorate and eat!


  • Halloween Charades: Compile a list of Halloween villains, characters, movies, etc. Use these to play a scary game of charades.
  • Halloween Guess Who: Write the name of Halloween characters and villains on name tags, as guest arrive place one of the name tags on their back. The guest will have to ask other guests questions to find out who they are!
  • Murder Mystery: Consider hosting a murder mystery dinner as your Halloween party. It will keep your guests entertained all night trying to guess the murderer.

8. Party Favors

It's always great to send your guests home with a treat. Use graphic bags to wrap up homemade cookies or treats. Or you could setup a Halloween themed candy bar and let your guests fill up with the candies they desire!

Make your party even easier and get everything you need in one place with our Halloween Mini Kit!  Have a fun and safe Halloween!