The Problem With Showers July 25 2013, 0 Comments

Showers are a wonderful occasion, a time to "shower" the people you love with congratulations and joy for an upcoming wedding or the arrival of a baby. They truly are a special time, but the problem with showers are you spend over half the time opening presents. The guests start losing interest and the guest of honor starts getting restless in that chair. Here are some tips on how to make the better half of your shower more enjoyable.

1. Have a shower game that is centered around opening presents

Play games that are oriented around presents to keep everyone entertained while the guest of honor opens gifts. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Bingo - Have the guests fill out bingo cards with gifts they think the guest of honor will receive. As she opens the gifts guests cross of the corresponding squares.  Once they get 5 in a row yell BINGO! You can choose how many winners you want to have, just keep playing.
  • Trivia Timeout - Before the shower collect trivia about a topic, for example baby care, celebrity baby names, celebrity marriages, couples trivia, etc. Then while opening presents stop every 5-10 minutes and yell out Trivia Timeout! Read a trivia question and the first one to answer correctly wins.

2. Stage a comfortable area for the guest of honor to open presents

It is so important to make sure the guest of honor is going to be comfortable opening presents for an hour, especially if she is 8 months pregnant! Here are some tips to remember when staging:

  • Use a padded chair or even a couch if you have one
  • Make sure it is placed where all the guests will be able to see
  • Decorate area with a sign, balloons, pom-poms or even accent with color-coordinated pillows
  • Have a large, easy to reach table for all the presents

Below are some amazing examples of staged present areas!

Photograph by Jennifer Davis Photography via On to Baby

Photograph by Mercedes Snow Photography via On to Baby

3. Be prepared

Nothing is worse than watching someone struggle with a stubborn ribbon, so have everything the guest of honor will need. Here is a list of things you should have available and on the presents table. Being prepared will help the process go smooth and faster!

  • Scissors - for those pesky ribbons and taped boxes
  • Glass of water - for the guest of honor
  • Tissue - you never know, some gifts can be very thoughtful
  • Dedicated person for writing down who gave what gift - to be given to the guest of honor for thank you cards
  • Dedicated person for repacking and clearing opened gifts - this keeps the process moving and allows the guest of honor to get to the next present

Use these tips at the next shower you host and keep everyone happy!