Mother's Day Brunch May 12 2014, 0 Comments

I hope that everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day! It turned out to be a beautiful day here in Seattle. This year I had the pleasure of hosting a Mother’s Day brunch for my Mother-in-law. I wanted it to be very special for her because let’s be honest she deserves it for raising my favorite person in the world, my husband! Also she is a great Mom to three children. So I decided to design a collection just for her and last week I was feeling super nice and shared the collection with all of you for FREE! Anyways, I wanted the collection to be feminine yet sophisticated so I went with a pink and orange color palette. At first I wasn’t sure how the pink and orange combination would look but now I absolutely love it!

It’s amazing how adding a few decorations to your tablescape can transform the space into a party! In fact my sister-in-law walked in and said “It looks like a party in here”, I did a mental high-five because my mission was accomplished!

PARTY TIP: All I had was a plain white tablecloth and I realized that my table needed more color. So I raided my huge tupperware full of wrapper paper (I know you all have one of those too) and found this adorable pink polka-dot pattern that would be perfect. That’s right a 99 cent roll of wrapping paper saved my table, it was cheap and effective!

I dressed up each place setting with my custom Mother’s Day stationery, striped paper straws and linen napkins.

The colorful banner added a festive touch to the space and hung just behind the guest of honor!

PARTY TIP: If you have limited time or budget, the fastest and cheapest way to make any occasion festive is by using paper straws and pom-poms. I’m a believer in pom-poms because they really transform a space with little effort!

Since 9AM is too early for cupcakes I used the party labels and a scalloped circle cutter to make toppers for my homemade cinnamon rolls! What is a brunch without a little treat?

Is anything more festive than champagne flutes and paper straws?



Free Mother’s Day Printables

Orange Striped Paper Straws

Pink Striped Paper Straws

Pink Pom-Poms

Orange Pom-Poms


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